Cantilever based Sensors for Nanoscience

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Since the atomic force microscope (AFM) was invented by Binnig, Gerber and Quate in 1986, it is now widely used for imaging surface structures of materials at ranging from micrometer to atomic scales.

Spatial resolution of AFM is generally determined by geometry and material properties of the cantilever sensor, i.e., sharpness of the tip and spring constant of the cantilever. Sharper tip can resolve nano-scale surface features with better lateral resolution, while vertical resolution is prejudiced by elasticity of the cantilever.

Cantilevers are also as an central devices to explore the physics and chemistry of the nanometer world. A thin flexible beam made of silicon or silicon nitride coated with a sensor layer serves as a ultra sensitive chemical or biological sensor. Moreover, the AFM can also be operated in liquid and he cantilever-AFM technique is used now to characterize surface topographies of biological samples. The potential uses of cantilever transducers as biosensors or in biomicroelectromechanical systems will be presented. The cantilever physics and required AFM technologies will be discussed in the context of potential future analytical applications and markets.

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The course addresses a AFM-technologically interested audience coming from industry as well as from universities.



Prof Dr Ivo Rangelow is Director of the Institute for Micro- and Nanoelectronics, MNES at the Technical University of Ilmenaul, Germany. Main activities: Management of micro and nanostructuring branch. Principal scientist on projects in the area of nanostructuring, M(N)EMS, proximal nano-probes, nano lithography, semiconductor analysis, vacuum microelectronics, solid-gas phase reactions, semiconductor nanodevices, sensors/actuators and embedded systems. Responsibilities include acquisition and management of new projects, supervision of master and Ph.D. thesis projects and lecturing. He acts as organizer and chairperson of numerous international conferences and as Reviewer in scientific Journals and for Institutions. In 2000 he received the Elsevier Award for best Scientific Presentation. He has more than 300 publications, 36 invited conference presentations, 79 contributed conference reports, 31 patents and over 1'000 citations totally.

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