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Microfabrication Processes

Objectifs du cours

The course will provide participants with a systematic overview of micro- and nanomanufacturing processes for micromechanical components and Microsystem Technology (MST), as well as their characteristics. A systematic method is presented to facilitate the selection of a manufacturing process for micromechanical components described by a requirement list. By the end of the course, participants will learn how to select an adequate process for a specific component, with regard to both technical feasibility and economic aspects.

Public cible

The course is structured to appeal to R & D managers and engineers, business development managers and a wide range of R & D staff from companies and institutes involved in the development and production of microdevices.


  • Systematic overview of MST fabrication processes such as: lithography for MST; wet, dry, surface, bulk, and silicon micromachining; thin film technique; high aspect-ratio etching; LIGA; molding; laser-induced processes; mechanical micromachining; photostructuring of glass and glass ceramics; µ-EDM; stereolithography and other rapid prototyping methods; wafer bonding
  • Nanotechnology: Nanostructuring, nanomaterials, nanoelectromechanical systems, etc.
  • Relevant characteristics of fabrication processes: range of materials, variety of forms and structures that can be obtained, aspect ratio, range of dimensions, industrial use, throughput/cost ratio in mass production, possible combinations with other processes
  • Method for systematic selection of fabrication processes for micromechanical components described by the component requirement list
  • Case studies

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2 days

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Ivo Rangelow