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Recent micropositioning devices attain resolutions of the order of nanometers respectively tenth of microradians, with guiding ranges between some ten micrometers and millimeters, respectively from a few to one hundred milliradians. Applications are typically found in optical instrumentation, semiconductor manufacturing and very accurate machine tools. The seminar is aimed at giving an overview of both components of micropositioning systems (actuators, guidings, sensors) and design practice (performance budget partitioning, static and dynamic limitations, control loop design, structure modes). Special emphasis is put on the explanation of the dynamic behaviour and the vibration compensation of such equipment. The participants will be able to exercise the proposed system design methodology through application examples.

Public cible

Engineers and scientists developing new components or systems for motion and vibration control.



Dr Joseph Moerschell Professor at University of Applied Sciences at Sion, Switzerland. Joseph Moerschell studied electrical engineering at the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology in Zurich and in Lausanne (EPFL), obtaining a diploma degree in 1987. He then worked in the Laboratory of industrial electronics of EPFL on several research projects in mechatronics, completing a doctorate in 1993. Afterwards he moved to CSEM, the Swiss Centre of Electronics and Microtechnology in Neuchâtel, where he designed control loops, electronics, sensors and actuators for precision motion mechanisms, mainly within optical systems for space or industrial use. Since 1999 he is a lecturer in automatic control and signal processing at the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, in Sion. He is mainly working on new designs of sensors and actuators for highly dynamic and precise motion, sensor signal acquisition, and information processing as well as control tasks. He has authored or co-authored 14 scientific papers, and holds 2 patents.

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2 days


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Joseph Moerschell