Marco Moraja

Marco Moraja is Business Manager at SAES getters, Milano, Italy. After graduating in Electronics in 1994 at the Polytechnic University of Milano, Marco Moraja spent one year period in a post university research activity in biochemical robotics screening systems at DIBIT Biotechnology Department of Milano S. Raffaele Hospital. In 1995 he joined SAES getters as project engineer in R&D corporate laboratories. In 1998 he took the responsibility of the Vacuum system laboratory and launched MEMS getter film basic research activities. From 2004, as Business Development Manager of the getter for MEMS Business Unit, he took the responsibility of SAES getters MEMS products line. He authored and co-authored more than 20 technical and scientific papers, being inventor or co-inventor of more than 10 international patents, most of them directly related to MEMS applications.


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